Welcome to the website of musician Patrick Daly.

Based in Dublin, Pat can be heard playing violin/fiddle and other instruments on many well known records across a wide range of musical styles. In addition to his own distinctive composition and versatile playing styles, he maintains an active role as a music producer and arranger, playing strings for Niamh Regan, including her 2021 Choice Music Prize nominated album HemetHamsandwicH, including on their No.1 Album Stories from the Surface, BBC Music Awards winner Daoire Farrell, Meteor award winner Wallis Bird, The Hot Sprockets and Choice Music award nominees Tieranniesaur amongst many more. With regular home and international live and television performances, such as, Join me in the Pines (Dave Geraghty BellX1), Gavin Glass, Edisons and Fionn Regan, and Niall Thomas Pat also plays guitar and piano for the great uilleann piper Brian Ó hUiginn, whose album he recently co-produced. Also involved in various music projects in Zambia and Keyna, Pat holds a PhD in music from DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama.