Here are some of the recent projects I have worked on, click to check them out...

Daoire Farrell Van Dieman's Land  Royal Albert Hall

Daoire Farrell Van Dieman's Land Whelan's Dublin

HamsandwicH This Must be the Place

Ham Sandwich Fandango on

HamsandwicH Stories from the Surface (Violin)

HamsandwicH Fandango (Violin)

Luan Parle Roll The Dice (Violin)

HamsandwicH Apollo (Violin)

Join Me in the Pines Inherit (Violin)

Luan Parle Day is Done (Violin)

HamsandwicH Illuminate (live) (Violin)

HamsandwicH Random Power (live) (Violin)

Dream Baby Dream for Barretstown (Violin)

The Hot Sprockets Homeslice (Violin)

Fiach Moriarty Golden Brown (Violin)

Wallis Bird When We Kissed the World Fell In Love (Violin) Meteor Award winner 2010

Groom Anne's Birthday (Produced by and Violin)

Tieranniesaur Tieranniesaur (Violin)

Fiach Moriarty You Dear (Violin)

Tieranniesaur Tieranniesaur!  (Violin...and .. one line of rap!!) Choice Music awards 2012

Brian Ó hUiginn Tionchar (Piano, Guitar, Production)

Tieranniesaur Here be Monsters (Violin)

Land Lovers Confidents (Violin)

Daniel Figgis 2 lights When It's Ajar the Music of Daniel Figgis? (recomposition)

Gillian Tuite EP (Violin)

Yeh Deadlies Hell is the wages of sin (Violin),  The First Book Of Lessons (Mastering)