Here are some of my contemporary music compositions, these days I am mainly concentrating on my recording work as a fiddle player, but I really love to do this stuff.....!

Masquerades, composed as part of my Masters thesis in Trinity College Dublin. The piece is scored for string trio (two violins, and viola), Piano, two Saxophones, three clarinets , and Hammond organ. Masquerades moves through four sections that are loosely defined by instrumentation and material content. The piece attempts to set up and work through a set of musical ideas which are realised in their most basic form within the opening two sections and then developed considerably in the duration of the work.

Com-plex, composed while studying with composer Roger Doyle in Trinity, this piece was originally released on the record 'By the new time' and has been played on national radio in Ireland and the United States. The work places jazz instrumentation inside an electroacoustic setting and explores themes of complex rhythm and harmony in creating a piece of tape music.

Just a minute quiz, responding to a challenge from Donnacha Dennehy to compose a piece for piano exactly one minute in duration..... simple as that!